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Parent portal access to iPass is disabled during the summer for system maintenance. Thank you for your understanding.

The FORGOT PASSWORD link is not working at this time. Please send requests for account activation and/or password resets to the iParent Administration mailbox. Thank you for your understanding.


iParent Application Notes/Helpful Hints

1. When completing an application for an iparent account, please note the required Student ID Number is different from the student lunch pin number. The Student ID Number is a 4-digit number.

2. Please allow 3-5 school days for iParent application approval, and response to iParent questions. Please remember when completing the iParent application, the student id number is required. If this number is entered incorrectly on the application, for security purposes, you will receive an iParent denial, and you will need to reapply once the correct student id number is secured. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

All iParent related inquiries should be directed to the IParent Administration mailbox by selecting the link below, OR by sending an email to Please note, in order for the link below to work, you must have EMAIL setup on the device you are using to access this mailbox.

iParent Administration Mailbox

Effective with for the school year 2012_2013, progress reports at both Hudson High School and Quinn Middle School will not be printed. To access student progress report grades, please log onto the iParent portal. If you do not currently have iParent access, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. However, end of semester/trimester report cards will continue to be printed at both schools.

Note to Comcast Email Users: If you are a Comcast customer, and you have applied for iParent, and you have not received an automated email approving your access within 48 hours, please try logging in with the username and password for which you applied for access. If you are still unable to get into Iparent at that time, please send an email to the iParent Administration mailbox. Thank you.

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